Lately I have been thinking about the differences of BEING ALONE and FEELING LONELY.
Recently, and for the first time in my life, I am living on my own. That is quite a statement, since I am almost 45 years old!
So as you can imagine, many emotions and feelings have arisen within me. The sense of independence and wholeness is,slowly but surely, starting to make a home within my being.
I won’t lie, it has been a challenge. My identity as a mother has had to be completely rebranded. My grown children finally living as they should, in their own nests.

In my experience so far, BEING ALONE is giving me room to explore and discover who I am. Who I am outside of a mother, a daughter, sister, yoga teacher. The time of BEING ALONE is allowing me to find the explorer within. Asking difficult questions of myself, about my journey so far. Having the courage to face my short comings, but also to be able to love myself fully as I am. Without any needs or wants from others.

Of course, FEELING LONELY does enter my life situation. Especially after living with a full house, for all of my adult life. This is where I have to bring discipline into my life. So what do I do? I make plans. Plans to see loved ones, plans to do fun things, plans to be with people that I want to share my life with. However I have to find that balance. Making sure that the plans then are not taking away from my BEING ALONE. As the BEING ALONE, is where the growth is happening within me.

So my dear friend, have a look at the title of this post again. Try BEING ALONE. Invite space and give time to the one who is your constant companion, YOURSELF.

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