Healthy treats with none of the Sin but all of the Pleasure.

Coming soon!!!!

These tasty treats have been developed due to a very personal journey.

Almost a year ago, I developed lymphedema in my right leg.  Having researched and read up a lot on my new predicament, I discovered that refined sugar is not good at all for my health.  Oh the dilemma!!  I am a complete sugar addict, so what to do…

I started to find new ways of getting my sugar fix.  I found a new love of dates and plant based sweeteners, Such as Maple Syrup.  I started to find recipes and make myself little treats, and tweeking those recipes to my taste buds.  I started sharing these treats with family and friends.  Having received great feedback and encouragement from them, I decided to start making them for a bigger market.

Hence the new business.

The treats are all vegan and mostly raw.  So no animal products are used.  i try and source great quality ingredients.  There is no refined sugar in them at all.  All the ingredients are natural and whole: nuts, pure maple syrup, dates, beautiful spices, vanilla.. you get my drift…

So when you bite into them you really do feel like you are sinning..they are absolutely yummy…but you really aren’t, they are made with pure wholesome ingredients…and a dash of love

Soon I will be using a delivery service in London to deliver orders and will let you know how to order as soon as we are up and running.

So keep coming back for more updates…

So looking forward to sharing all this yumminess with you!