Yoga teaching bespoke to your needs

                                       Yoga is about play and self exploration.


 SLOW FLOW:  class to connect to breath, use repetition to calm the nervous system and incorporate breath in the movements is used during classes.

VINYASA FLOW : Vinayasa Flow is a flowing class where one pose leads into another pose with the breath.

RESTORATIVE: Restorative Yoga is a relaxing and replenishing form of Yoga that uses props to keep the body comfortable and maintaining the poses for longer periods of time so that the body can relax and release.

YOGA NIDRA: a guided meditation also known as “yoga sleep”.  Practiced in Savasana pose (relaxation pose) with eyes closed.  You will be guided through a relaxation script and a body scan. Various techniques are used to systematically relax the body and mind.  Similar to meditation Yoga Nidra is a process that deepens over time with practice.

HATHA: yoga classes which includes asana, pranayama and meditation for the full experience and works energy lines of the body.

CHILDREN’S YOGA: A fun approach to yoga for children of all ages.

CHAIR YOGA: For anyone who needs support.

YOGA for ANYONE AFFECTED BY CANCER: Classes are for those that are currently diagnosed with Cancer or who are recovering.

PREGNANCY YOGA: Classes for any pregnant students who are  past their 12 week scan.

MENOPAUSE YOGA: Classes for anyone on the Menopause journey.