Flying the nest

Today my son is spending his last night at his childhood home.  There is an array of feelings that are running through me, the mother.

Firstly, I will be the first to admit that the time has come.  The time has come for this young man to start doing his own laundry!! That is my humour keeping me from crying as I write this.

The time has come for this young man, who I am so proud of, to have his full independence, as a  parent I hope that I have been able to provide the tools for this moment of his life.

It is such a strange feeling, from the moment he was born all that I wanted to do is to protect and hlep him.  To keep him always near so that I could run to the rescue.  Now the lesson, is that the way I could do all those things, is to Let him go.  Let him make his mistakes, let him make his successes and to watch now from the side lines, rather than being on the track with him.

So my dear reader, is it time for you to let go of someone, to release the ropes of protection and trust that your loved one will be safe on their journey of life. That your loved one will live their life as it is meant to be.

Much Love


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